Acting – Ellis Winn

And here is a lovely review – Weplayed to full houses each night and everyone loved it despite (or because of) the odd interpretation!



Coming up in January 2019 – I get to play Romeo!! Who’d have thought? This will be a Priory Players production at the Headgate Theatre in Cochester and the family roles have been reversed so that Romeo and Juliet are the parents in a retirement home!!! Intriguing. Rehearsals start in September. Hurray!

Having applied to Equity for membership I find that “Tony Winn” already exists so I have adopted the stage name of Ellis Winn – This will probably be confusing for everybody since I feel I need to keep Tony Winn for the singer/songwriter. So now that I am two people I need to keep my fans updated with what’s happening on the theatre front as well as the music front.

Godot Review

In the spring of 2006 Tony acted in a TV advert for news magazine ‘The Week’.

Here’s a clip of me in “Husky” a short film by Dan Allen

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