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Coming next : Introducing the new album “Push and Pull” to Laxfield on Friday November 9th

Well OK it is 3 years since I posted anything here – I am not great at this media stuff but I do get around to it on the odd occasion – such as now.

This is prompted by the fact that I have a new CD being released on 1st June 2018. “Push and Pull” is an album of 12 songs – some new and a few older ones that somehow never got recorded before. Using the amazingly talented David Booth’s recording studio, he has helped me produce an album that reflects my current style accompanied by Andy Trill on bass and Steven Turnbull on keyboards with David playing drums and various odd bits and pieces (whatever we could find lying around in the studio actually). There are also some lovely singy bits by Helen Mulley, cello from Jonathan Evans, saxophone from Val Haines and some heavily disguised fiddle from Richard Lockwood.

It will be available from various mainstream download sites from June 1st so watch this space for more news or just search for it!

The lyrics can be downloaded from the “Push and Pull” page

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